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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Over my christmas break, I had a couple weeks to rest and relax [AKA babysit and take a family roadtrip.] Fortunately, I had a couple days to sew and crochet so here’s what I made!

For my mom and a friend, I made a linen grocery tote.

Then I fashioned myself a shirt after getting inspiration from I used the same concept as when I made a version of the ruffle J. Crew shirt by buying a larger-than-my-size long sleeved shirt and then using the sleeves as extra fabric to make the ruffle.

Since this is the first week back to classes, I’m taking advantage of the little time I have free to sew as much as I can-especially since the projects I am working on are supposed to be Christmas presents. >.< So far on this wonderful Friday evening, I have made my friend a ruffle vest and will soon start on her le sac dress.

It feels good to be back at my sewing machine. It’s been gathering dust for too long! Maybe a resolution for this year [aside from the obligatory "start exercising!"] should be to make something at least once a month. So far, so good :D

Happy 2012!


Band shirt & old t-shirt a friend gave me




rockin’ t-shirt dress!

Bad planning?

The temperature fluctuates a lot here, so I planned on making a 3/4 sleeve tee. I was going to combine these two shirts to make a baseball tee

…but after chopping off the sleeves of my shirt, I was lost. I quickly realized that the polka dot sleeves would need to be wider to make a baseball-styled sleeve.

So what to do with a sleeveless shirt like this?

Fold in the upper portions to make tubes and sew, of course! I also revisited the Sesame Street fabric [from my Asian New Year project] and cut out a strip to make the straps of the new tank. Thread those through the tubes and BAM!

New tank top for the now ridiculously hot weather…but not really. When I checked the weather this morning, it was high of 83 :] SCORE!

Except it was rather windy outside…

But luckily winds don’t penetrate into the library. Yay for uninterrupted studying!

Side note: My microbiology professor states, “All great scientists have pictures of themselves staring intently at something.”

Case in point: Joshua Lederburg & Edward Tatum

[If only I had real agar plates handy...]