Bridal Shower Gift

I just spent my entire evening/night/early morning hours making a present for my friend’s bridal shower. I think the most time consuming part was my attempt at bedazzling [read as: rearranging iron-on rhinestones one by one into an aesthetically pleasing design.]┬áThe backbreaking work paid off and I am very pleased with the sparkles. Here’s the part that took the longest amount of time!

Only drawback from this project–I am a bit disappointed with my fabric choice. I try to get similar fabrics for projects but I somehow ended up with one stretchy fabric among the normals and it made the project a bit wonky. Sigh, I have to settle for imperfections as the shower is this Saturday –hopefully the bride-to-be does not mind!

-will post photo of the gift post-bridal shower

EDIT: Here’s the apron it all it’s glory

Bridal shower apron

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