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<3 PJs

JoAnn’s had flannel fabrics on sale and since I had a couple weeks off in April, I decided to make some matching PJ shorts for my little sister and I. I’ve never made shorts before, so it was quite the adventure trying to make a pattern from an existing pair.

When I showed my brother, he got the crazy idea that we should all match so…with the remaining fabric [and then some] I made him a man-tank :)

Bad planning?

The temperature fluctuates a lot here, so I planned on making a 3/4 sleeve tee. I was going to combine these two shirts to make a baseball tee

…but after chopping off the sleeves of my shirt, I was lost. I quickly realized that the polka dot sleeves would need to be wider to make a baseball-styled sleeve.

So what to do with a sleeveless shirt like this?

Fold in the upper portions to make tubes and sew, of course! I also revisited the Sesame Street fabric [from my Asian New Year project] and cut out a strip to make the straps of the new tank. Thread those through the tubes and BAM!

New tank top for the now ridiculously hot weather…but not really. When I checked the weather this morning, it was high of 83 :] SCORE!

Except it was rather windy outside…

But luckily winds don’t penetrate into the library. Yay for uninterrupted studying!

Side note: My microbiology professor states, “All great scientists have pictures of themselves staring intently at something.”

Case in point: Joshua Lederburg & Edward Tatum

[If only I had real agar plates handy...]

Experimenting with Ruffles!

I’ve been seeing a lot more ruffly shirts these days and decided to create one of my own…and let me say that searching for “ruffle shirts” on Google is not a good idea. I was a bit overwhelmed. Luckily, I remembered that I found a ruffled shirt that I really liked recently while perusing Free People Clothing.

Nice and simple, right?

It would have been if I had a tank top handy. Unfortunately, I had to make my own. I used an existing camisole as a template and sewed up a quick tank top using the bottom of two white shirts.

I used the bottom of the shirt to make the straps by cutting on the dotted line.

I made the ruffles from cutting ~1 1/2″ strips of fabric out of a cream shirt. I made the strips ruffly before placing them on the tank , pinned, and sewed! In the midst of sewing, I didn’t look back at my original inspiration so it turned out a bit different.

Either way, I was pretty happy with the result, especially since I finished just in time to go to the Dali museum! The outside looks really cool…

…but the inside looks even better!

Spiral staircases are the best :]