My cousin is getting married this weekend and the dress I bought for the occasion is perfect…except for the sleeve. It is a one-shoulder dress, but the one shoulder is wide and unflattering. I took apart the entire arm-hole and made it larger for my super buff arms ;]

SO. WIDE. UGH. You can actually see where my shoulder attaches to my body!

As for the back of the dress…


Woop woop! Now the dress has space for my arm to actually move! Can’t wait for the wedding :)

EDIT: Pic with one of my cousins at the wedding reception.

You can’t see the rest of the dress, but trust me, it was gorgeous :]

90s Party!

Costumes chosen: Crysta from Fern Gully and Pocahantas.

Wednesday afternoon -bought materials for 2 costumes.
Thursday -picked up sewing machine and other goodies. Construction of Crysta costume (~6-7hrs).
Friday -Finished Crysta (~30min) then started Pocahantas (~5-6hrs). Party at 9pm.

End result: 2 costumes made in 2 days. Success.

Crysta and Pocahontas

PS. Are we really in med school??
PPS. Mocassin heels!!



Since I know a couple people are now reading this…

90s party coming up on Friday. I have a costume idea. Tomorrow, I will get my sewing machine and fabrics that I left with my parents (and Step 1 First Aid that arrived!) and make my costume!

Get excited.