Bridal Shower Gift

I just spent my entire evening/night/early morning hours making a present for my friend’s bridal shower. I think the most time consuming part was my attempt at bedazzling [read as: rearranging iron-on rhinestones one by one into an aesthetically pleasing design.] The backbreaking work paid off and I am very pleased with the sparkles. Here’s the part that took the longest amount of time!

Only drawback from this project–I am a bit disappointed with my fabric choice. I try to get similar fabrics for projects but I somehow ended up with one stretchy fabric among the normals and it made the project a bit wonky. Sigh, I have to settle for imperfections as the shower is this Saturday –hopefully the bride-to-be does not mind!

-will post photo of the gift post-bridal shower

EDIT: Here’s the apron it all it’s glory

Bridal shower apron

Gingkoes and Sailboats

I finally finished the yoga mat bag for S…just in time for M’s birthday! So, I whipped up a quick bag for her too >.< Wooooo!!


Yoga mat bag took me a couple months to make because I wanted it to be a bit more fitted than what I made myself and I am quite happy with how it turned out. The nautical bag, on the other hand, was made on the fly with less planning. Maybe this goes to show that I’m getting the hang of this sewing business :)

EDIT: I added a zipper to yoga bag to make it fit better. No pics, but it now fits the mat like a glove. Ooooh, yea!

Yoga Bag!

Yoga bag as belated birthday present for S is still in the making, but I made mine as I procrastinate from work…

I finished the hand-embroidered monogram for her bag.

In case you didn't know, the middle letter is actually the last initial. Crazy!

Also drew out the design…but it won’t be made for another week or so :/ However, better late than never?

I made my bag in a completely different design than what I’m planning to make for S. I thought this version would be simpler, but it took me a bit of time [~3hrs due to lack of planning and design changes as I sewed]
It has pockets!!  

Hopefully my yoga mat will fit because I guess-timated on the measurements >.<