More crochet!

As I mentioned previously, I have taken up crochet as a post-exam stress relief activity and I have two more projects to share!

First: A shawl to use up the last of the teal yarn in my possession.
I was looking for new stitches and came across the Solomon’s knot AKA Lover’s knot. Using this blanket as a guide, I made my shawl in the Solomon’s Grid pattern and added a decorative ridge. I’m not sure of the dimensions, but a guesstimate would be 6ft x 2ft.


Since I had some leftover yarn, S & S (both of their names start with S!!) told me to make a headband. As I am eager to please, I made it and I even wore it in class today!

P.S. I made the headband with no plan/pattern, but I used this tutorial for the flower.

Basket Weave Blanket

I was inspired after seeing a video of the basket weave stitch and decided to make a good-bye/congrats-on-med-school-acceptance blanket for N. I pretty much worked on it post-exam and carried it with me almost everywhere in order to work on it in my spare time.

Yarn: Teal Red Heart Soft

And since I thought that the calculations were impressive, I will share. :D

I used a little over 18 skeins so…
Total yarn length: 256yd x 18 = 4,608yd = 2.62 miles or 38.4 football fields
Weight: 5oz x 18 = 90oz = 5.625 lbs
“Box” = 10 stitches wide, 9 stitches tall; 25 ‘boxes’ wide, 18 ‘boxes’ tall
Each completed row of 25 boxes ~1 skein. I averaged 4 hours per skein so total time: 72 hours (I started in March and finished mid-July)

Carrying the blanket everywhere I went was pretty tiring, but the result is GLORIOUS if I do say so myself. Without further ado…my basket weave blanket for N!

I am very proud of the fact I finished and was quite sad when I had to give it to N, but his reaction and appreciation was worth the effort.


Crochet Project for Feb

So I was going to try a project/month…but school is quite time-consuming now. However, I did start up crocheting instead of sewing! I find it is much easier to start/stop on a whim. Sewing projects were hard for me to gauge in terms of time. Portability is also a bit of an issue. I can’t be carrying a sewing machine wherever I go, right?

I got back into crochet when I saw a friend working on this infinity scarf pattern. Extra exciting for us was the fact she is also a med student!! If she can do it, so can we! It took me a couple weeks of working on it in spare time before I finished.

I will put in a pic once I find one/I’m not at home so I can’t go into my closet and snap a pic >.<

EDIT: Pictures!


Hopefully you can see details in the pictures. It’s super soft and super warm…which means I can only wear it maybe 2x/year in sunny Fl. *sigh*