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Shorter Shorts

To be honest, I’m not a big fan of really short shorts. They’re a bit too revealing for my comfort, although that just might be my self-consciousness at work. Regardless, I like my shorts to be a bit longer…but bermudas can be a hit or miss. I bought a couple plaid bermuda shorts [when they were all the craze!] and then realized I didn’t like how one pair got tight right above my knees.

I decided to shorten them to mid-thigh length. I pinned where I wanted it to be and cut a few inches below. Since they were still tight around my thighs, I decided to undo part of the side seams [which took FOREVER] to create slits.

Then, I folded under and sewed them up. Yay for better length and side slits!

Coincidentally, there was a boy in my class this morning with practically the same outfit sans purple jacket. I would’ve snapped a picture, but that would be kind of awkward as my stealth is lacking. Not all asians are bred ninja :(