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Shoulder Alteration

Ah! It’s so sunny!!

I bought this dress a couple years ago [think Fall 2009] and, even though the top was a little large and hung way too low on me, I wore it to my cousin’s baptism. After having to pull it up every few minutes, I threw it away to the deep recesses of my closet. However, a few events on campus made me rethink this decision. I mean, it’s a nice dress and I ought to wear it if I spent my money, right? So, I got to work. Read more

Le Sac Dress…Shirt

I made a Le Sac dress from American Apparel after seeing several different tutorials.

I actually made it a while ago, but never wore it because I realized that it wasn’t wide enough or long enough to be worn in the several ways possible.

Since I would never wear it as a dress, I decided to make it a shirt. I cut off some length and undid a few seams so the edges would end in a slit. I also decided to make them uneven so that the front length would be a bit shorter than the back.

I wore this to my friend Melinda’s 21st birthday party at a greek restaurant full of napkin-throwing and plate-smashing. :]

[I forgot to take a picture of the whole thing, but at least you can see how I wrapped the straps and tucked in the edges]

Stripes, Flowers & Strawberries

The weather outside has been beautiful, so I decided to make a spring-y piece. I decided to use this dress that my aunt gave me ages ago [10+ years.] I wanted to keep this project simple, and since the dress was so long, I decided I could make it into a shirt AND a dress.

First step, cut in half, or close to it…I ended up cutting it too short for the shirt portion, but it shall be salvaged!

To make the dress, I flipped the bottom portion inside out and made it a bit tighter–but still loose enough to slip past my shoulders and hips. Then, I attached elastic to the back half.

I folded the fabric to hide the elastic and sewed it shut. Then, I took a ribbon from a different dress I had to make a sash. I went to Thai Temple [food fundraiser after their service] and then to Parksdale Farm with some friends. Food coma & sugar overload = one successful Sunday :]