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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Over my christmas break, I had a couple weeks to rest and relax [AKA babysit and take a family roadtrip.] Fortunately, I had a couple days to sew and crochet so here’s what I made!

For my mom and a friend, I made a linen grocery tote.

Then I fashioned myself a shirt after getting inspiration from I used the same concept as when I made a version of the ruffle J. Crew shirt by buying a larger-than-my-size long sleeved shirt and then using the sleeves as extra fabric to make the ruffle.

Since this is the first week back to classes, I’m taking advantage of the little time I have free to sew as much as I can-especially since the projects I am working on are supposed to be Christmas presents. >.< So far on this wonderful Friday evening, I have made my friend a ruffle vest and will soon start on her le sac dress.

It feels good to be back at my sewing machine. It’s been gathering dust for too long! Maybe a resolution for this year [aside from the obligatory "start exercising!"] should be to make something at least once a month. So far, so good :D

Happy 2012!

Happy Halloween!

It’s been quite a while since I have been crafting, but I have a good reason! ish. I was away for the summer in Greece and then started medical school about a week after returning to the US. However, I did pack a few items that I made and when I wore them, I got some nice compliments…and found out that some friends took sneaky pictures because they wanted to recreate this shirt.

 Anywho, I have been stocking up on giant shirts and random fabrics for when I have time to dabble.

Luckily, Halloween gave me a little relief from work to make myself a simple costume. I bought myself a bedsheet from a thrift store and made a skirt similar to the circle skirt. I tried to make it a no-sew kind of project, but I messed up my measurement and cut out a waistline a bit too large. So, I made an elastic band and sewed it up. Here’s my finished skirt and costume.


I wish I had a tambourine, but I was trying not to spend a lot of money.

Happy Halloween! [in case my costume was TOO minimalist, I'm a gypsy]

Stripes, Flowers & Strawberries

The weather outside has been beautiful, so I decided to make a spring-y piece. I decided to use this dress that my aunt gave me ages ago [10+ years.] I wanted to keep this project simple, and since the dress was so long, I decided I could make it into a shirt AND a dress.

First step, cut in half, or close to it…I ended up cutting it too short for the shirt portion, but it shall be salvaged!

To make the dress, I flipped the bottom portion inside out and made it a bit tighter–but still loose enough to slip past my shoulders and hips. Then, I attached elastic to the back half.

I folded the fabric to hide the elastic and sewed it shut. Then, I took a ribbon from a different dress I had to make a sash. I went to Thai Temple [food fundraiser after their service] and then to Parksdale Farm with some friends. Food coma & sugar overload = one successful Sunday :]