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Mini-Kimono Top

Earlier this year, I made myself a half-kimono top with leftover scraps and upon seeing it, my little sister wanted one of her own. I finally got around to making it! Hopefully she doesn’t have a growth spurt out of nowhere and no longer be able to wear it…

Zoom-up of the side. I sewed it a bit too small so I had to take it out and make it wider. Hopefully it works better now…otherwise, she’ll need help taking it off hahaha

Floral Tote

I’ve been meaning to make myself a bag [tote or legit backpack] for quite some time-since I made tote bags for my friends a couple christmases ago, to be honest, but I never got around to it. However, I figured it was high time to make something as my fabric pile was not going to get any smaller. I decided to go ahead and make a tote bag as it is much simpler and I already bought the fabric needed last year.


I made it from what I remembered of this tutorial from Skip to my Lou, but I took some liberties. I added pockets to both the inside and outside of the bag. I also made the straps have two different sides and purposely made them mismatch.

Photobucket Photobucket

The front pocket has two compartments while the inside pocket is divided.


The bag is HUGE!

Experiment with Silk

It’s been a really long time since I made a project from scratch so I figured it was about time. One of the easiest things to make, in my opinion, is a dress. I’ve been looking through Etsy for ideas and finally set my eyes upon these dresses from MyLolaFashion. I had several fabrics to choose from and took a poll from my friends.

Fabric #1 was the winner. And so, the fun begins!

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