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Le Sac Dress…Shirt

I made a Le Sac dress from American Apparel after seeing several different tutorials.

I actually made it a while ago, but never wore it because I realized that it wasn’t wide enough or long enough to be worn in the several ways possible.

Since I would never wear it as a dress, I decided to make it a shirt. I cut off some length and undid a few seams so the edges would end in a slit. I also decided to make them uneven so that the front length would be a bit shorter than the back.

I wore this to my friend Melinda’s 21st birthday party at a greek restaurant full of napkin-throwing and plate-smashing. :]

[I forgot to take a picture of the whole thing, but at least you can see how I wrapped the straps and tucked in the edges]

Birthday presents

I was going to make something to wear this week, but I fell ill and slept for most of my MLK day. So, in lieu of what I was originally planning, I decided to show you something else I made this weekend for my friends’ birthdays. It’s still fitting, though, as I used only what I had at hand: remnants and t-shirts.

So, what did I make? Clutch purses! I’ve never worked with zippers before and it was a great learning experience. The first one I made took a really long time as I made some errors [where I had to take it all apart!], but the second one was smooth sailing and I finished within an hour. Yay!

Here they are…

The second clutch had the same interior of one divider pocket. I made the divider black and the inside fabric is the same color as the front band.

Time to roll up the sleeves…

…and break out the bobbins! What’s a bobbin?? Well, I asked myself that too when I first saw a sewing machine. Actually, I was full of questions when I first tried my hand at sewing, but I finally figured out most of the features of my sewing machine through lots of trial and even more errors. And for the record, a bobbin is just a little cylinder wound with thread that you put inside the machine.

Anyways, I started sewing a while back, but never really got into the swing of it. However, once I decided upon this sewing thesis, I decided to have an official beginning project instead of starting out cold. The project of choice: an apron.

I bought a nautical themed remnant and matching remnants a long time ago intending to make my friend something incredibly awesome. As usual, that idea fell off the wayside. However, with her birthday looming closer and closer, I finally decided. She had been baking a lot recently and I remembered a few months prior, she was looking at cute aprons online. So, I set out to make the best apron I’ve ever madeā€¦not a big deal since it would be my first.

I used this apron as a template.

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